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Paddy’s Irish percussion sample library features over 1300 bodhrán and cajón samples including individual hits and looped rhythms. Both instruments were performed by Patrick (Paddy) Broderick and recorded with up to six dynamic layers, several round robin repetitions (10x for the Bodhrán, 6x for the Cajón), and multiple hand positions.

Paddy's Percussion GUI

Two Drums, One Interface

The two instruments in this library share a common interface so you only need to find your way around one of them to master both. The on-screen controls provide access to a number of great features, all of which are detailed in the user guide.

Microphone Mixer

Paddy's Percussion Mic Mixer

The samples in this library were recorded with four closely positioned microphones. The custom Kontakt interface provides a microphone mixer with control over each channel’s volume and panning, and you also have the option to completely unload samples you’re not using.

Got Rhythms

Playing complex percussion parts live on a MIDI keyboard can be tricky even for a skilled player. To help make things a little easier we’ve included a great selection of pre-recorded rhythms and a built in step sequencer.

Pre-recorded Beats

Paddy's Percussion Rhythm Slider

We recorded a variety of looped free-time rhythms on both instruments that you can trigger with a single key. The interface provides time stretching controls, allowing you to adjust the tempo of the rhythms to suit your piece, and a purge function so that you can unload the rhythms entirely when you’re not using them. These loops were recorded free time, without a click, there is no tempo sync/lock feature.

Step Sequencer


The instruments include a built in step sequencer for creating your own playable looped rhythms. You can have up to five tempo synced rhythms sequenced at one time which can be quickly selected and played back using handy key switches.

Each sequence can have between two and sixteen steps. The on-screen controls let you easily adjust the musical length and duration of each step, for each sequence.

Real-time Control

Both the bodhrán and cajón respond to a selection of continuous controllers, all detailed in the user guide. The pitch bend wheel is especially useful when crafting a realistic bodhrán performance; it is the perfect tool for replicating the sonic change created by the musician’s hand sliding up and down inside the drum head.


Kontakt 4.2 or higher (full version of Kontakt required, will not work in the free Kontakt Player)
500MB Disk Space

Audio Demos




Paddy’s Percussion V1.01 Update. Only required if you purchased before December 13th 2016.

User Guide

Paddy’s Irish Percussion – User Guide

5 reviews for Paddy’s Percussion

  1. flwehr (verified owner)

    I’ve only used the single samples from this library, in a couple of tracks with an Irish feel where I doubled a kick drum with a Bodhran. I realize this is perhaps not the most sophisticated use of the tool, but it sounds wonderful and gives both tracks a more melancholy and contemplative feel – at least to my ears. Great value and highly recommended.

  2. Chris Gard (verified owner)

    The fact that it has not latch-to-tempo programmed into it is bizarre. Without latch-to-tempo, this is useless to me

    • David

      For clarification. The built in sequencer does follow the host tempo. The recorded loops don’t and this is stated in the product description.

  3. Edwin Francia (verified owner)

    It has an amazing sound quality, the way the controls inside the interface allows you to modify its “textures” is just PERFECT.

    The only reason why I’m giving this product 4 stars instead of 5 is because it requires to have the Full Kontakt Sampler (Costs around $399 or $499). I know it is described in the description of the product, but I would love to use this VST limitless in the Kontakt Player also. Thank you!

  4. Michael (verified owner)

    Just purchased, but my initial impression is that these are wonderful instruments at an amazing price. The bodhrán samples have weight and depth, and can be manipulated in a variety of ways for added funk or realism… I appreciate the round robins, and the step sequencer seems solid and may come in useful. The cajón sounds very good too, and is included as a happy bonus.

    Xtant Audio makes great stuff (I also have the excellent Uilleann Pipes) at affordable prices, and wish there were more small developers out there like this. Thanks!


  5. Thorsten (verified owner)

    A very special bodhrán and cajón percussion library. In the ongoing search for new ideas and sounds Paddy’s Percussion is a small gem composers should take a look at.

    Thorsten Meyer, Composer (

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