Bell Lyre

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A small and portable two octave glockenspiel, simple to use and highly playable.


The bell lyre is designed to be lightweight and portable. Some are built in the shape of a lyre and are played upright supported by a strap around the musician’s waist. The instrument in this library is known as a flatbed bell lyre and can be supported by a special shoulder mount when played during a performance.

We recorded multiple sample sets using three different mallets: soft rubber, hard rubber, and plastic. The instrument uses true legato transition samples to enable you to perform realistic glissandi. Nearly every patch is sampled chromatically with recorded repetitions (round robin) and recorded dynamic levels that respond to MIDI velocity. We made use of velocity scaling and elegantly processed the samples to maintain consistent quality and volume levels across each patch.

In addition to the recorded repetitions we have provided a scripted repetition that uses a number of techniques to create slight variations for every note, just like a live musician. There are literally thousands of subtle variations that our intelligent repetition script will perform and it will never repeat a single variation more than once in every 128 repetitions per note.

Through advanced scripting we have made it incredibly easy to achieve a realistic performance with minimal programming. The instrument was recorded dry using a single condenser microphone in a close mic position. We recorded through an analogue mixer in order to retain a warmer, more natural sound, and used high quality A/D converters before fine tuning and editing each sample.

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  • Full version of Kontakt 4.2 or higher (does not work with the free Kontakt player)
  • 300MB Disk Space


1 review for Bell Lyre

  1. peter.delegge (verified owner)

    The glockenspiel is well sampled, it sounds great, it plays great and I love having different mallets to choose from — and it’s very inexpensive. If there’s one thing I would change if I could, I would move the keyswitches up an octave or two for those of us playing midi controllers that are less than 88 keys. But it’s absolutely worthy of 5/5 stars. Nice work.

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