Sample Library E.U.L.A

By installing or using our sample library products you agree to be bound by the terms of the E.U.L.A. If you do not agree to the terms of this document you may not install or use our products.

This End-User license agreement (E.U.L.A) is a legal agreement between you and Xtant Logic Ltd for any products sold through this website or that are accompanied by a copy of this agreement; including computer software and associated multimedia, printed materials and electronic documentation.

  1. All audio samples provided with the product are the property of Xtant Audio and are licensed to you, they are not sold.
  2. This document grants the end-user (licensee) of the product the right to create finished musical works and performances using the audio samples and any other media or software included as part of the product.
  3. The licensee may use the product for commercial purposes.
  4. The licensee may alter the samples within the context of a finished musical work but may not distribute those altered samples outside of that musical context.
  5. The creation of sample libraries in any form for commercial use or otherwise that use the audio samples or software provided in the product is strictly prohibited. Violations will be prosecuted under local and international copyright law.
  6. If you have any doubts that a musical work you have created is in breach of this condition please contact us via the contact page of our website.
  7. You may not under any circumstance make any part of the product available to others either by duplication, copy, distribution, transfer, upload, download, trade, resale, or loan.
  8. The licensee may use this product on multiple computers under the following conditions
    • The use of multiple computers is part of a single audio workstation for the individual licensee.
    • The licensee has two non-concurrent sites of work, such as a studio desktop and a laptop for live performance.
  9. Xtant Audio warrants and asserts that unless otherwise stated all audio samples, graphics, videos, images, scripts, documents, and any other multimedia included with the product are the property of Xtant Audio and Xtant Audio has the authority to grant the rights in this EULA.
  10. The user agrees to read the documentation provided with a product before seeking help or support from Xtant Audio.
  11. Xtant Audio will not be responsible if the content of the product does not meet the particular purposes of the licensee
  12. It is the licensee’s responsibility to check that the product is compatible with their computer system before purchase
  13. The product is licensed “as is” Xtant Audio will not be responsible for any loss incurred by the licensee from the direct or indirect use of the product