Kontakt Scripting Extra Credit: Waveform Control



If you’ve ever been curious to know more about the secret world of Kontakt’s waveform control then you’ve come to the right place. In this class you will discover tips and tricks to make the waveform control work for you and your projects. This is an intermediate to advanced level class so it is expected that you are familiar with the basics of Kontakt scripting.

Waveform Control

waveform-controlKontakt features a selection of scriptable controls that you can use to interact with your instrument. Most of these controls are fairly straightforward to script and the documentation provided by NI for them is clear and complete – the waveform control is not one of these. If you’ve ever tried using the waveform control you will have quickly found that the documentation is far from clear, the online forums don’t provide much insight, and there are no tutorials to show you what to do.

Making Waves

By the end of this class the mysteries of the waveform control will be revealed to you. After following these videos you will be able to construct an instrument that features a waveform control, display different samples in the control, select different playback start positions directly on the waveform, play the samples in reverse, change the colour of the waveform’s table, use the waveforms table as an envelope to control a vast range of Kontakt’s engine parameters, and discover other little tricks along the way.

Loop Control

The demo instrument you’ll build in this class is a great starting point for your own projects. A waveform control can be used in many different contexts and it’s particularly useful for loop based instruments. While all of the techniques and methods shown in this video can be applied to almost any instrument you build some will be most useful for your loop based libraries especially the ability to start playback from any position in a loop, either forwards or backwards.

Downloadable Content

This class is delivered as a single download containing 10 videos, the un-compiled source code created during the tutorials, the compiled source code used in the final project, and all of the samples used in the class. Even though you’ll receive the fully completed project it’s a really great idea to follow along and recreate the project yourself, this will help you to internalise the techniques presented.

Teaching Style

To see examples of the presentational style used in these videos please check out our free Kontakt scripting tutorial playlist here at YouTube.




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