Mastering Kontakt Scripting

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This collection contains all four lessons of David Healey’s Kontakt scripting video tutorial series. Over twenty hours of video!

Kontakt Scripting: Lesson 1

This is the first lesson in a series of four, it is designed for the absolute beginner. If you have never written a line of code before and the words variables, callbacks, data-types, functions, and loops mean nothing to you then this is the lesson for you.

Kontakt Scripting: Lesson 2

In this lesson you’re going to get a little more advanced with some more Kontakt scripting tips, tricks, and techniques.

Kontakt Scripting: Lesson 3

This lesson is all about custom user interfaces and true legato scripting.

Kontakt Scripting: Lesson 4

The fourth and final lesson in the Kontakt scripting tutorial video series. Multi-tabbed interfaces and microphone mixers!


If you’re new to the world of Kontakt scripting and want to go from zero to hero, novice to ninja, Padawan to Jedi, or – insert desired progression here – this is the course for you. In over twenty hours of video you’ll become an expert in the fundamentals of Kontakt scripting and quickly progress to the most advanced techniques used daily by professionals.

Four Stage Progression

In this set of instructional videos you’ll learn everything you need to know to create your own Kontakt scripts or scripts for other developers.

You’ll start off easy in lesson one with an introduction to computer programming and Kontakt scripting and move to more intermediate concepts in lesson two. By lesson three you’re at an advanced stage where you’ll create a true legato violin. When you make it to lesson four you’re a pro and can build a multi-tabbed interface and microphone mixer.

Each lesson is taught by David Healey, an experienced Kontakt scripter with an extensive programming background. As well as creating his own libraries he has written scripts for numerous instruments by many different developers including: Strezov sampling, Aria Sounds, Bela D media, Wavesfactory, Sampleism, Auddict, PaperStone instruments, and Tronsonic to name a few.

Teaching Structure

These lessons are suitable for anyone regardless or age or ability and the structure makes them easily accessible. Each new topic is introduced with simple examples that you can repeat at home. Those same topics are gradually expanded on and combined to create complex scripts.

You’ll start off with just a few lines of code which will rapidly grow to a thousand if not more. Every step is a building block which once mastered you’ll be able to use in your own projects and those of your clients.

The videos are mostly comprised of screen capture, allowing you to see exactly how a Kontakt script is put together. In each lesson you will build a complete sample library which will help you to internalise the ideas taught in the videos and see how they can be applied to real world scenarios.

Kontakt Scripting Tutorial Topics

There are so many topics and sub-topics covered, plus lots of side notes, tips, and tricks that it’s truly impractical to list them all here – however here is a list of the most important ones (in no particular order):

  • All the basic principles of computer programming that you can apply to almost any programming or scripting language
  • True legato
  • Round robin repetitions (you’ll learn a different type in each lesson)
  • Microphone mixer
  • Key switching
  • Multiple articulations
  • Graphic design – as it relates to Kontakt GUIs
  • Dynamic crossfading
  • Velocity layers
  • Controlling Kontakt’s modulators, effects, and oscillators
  • Mapping and naming samples
  • Building scripting templates and frameworks
  • Passing data between scripts via PGS keys
  • Compiling resource containers
  • Macros, functions, and task functions
  • Creating a sequencer/arpeggiator
  • Multi-dimensional arrays
  • Looping samples
  • Modulation tables
  • Finding your way around Kontakt’s many editors
  • Preparing libraries for delivery
  • Multi-tabbed interfaces
  • Effects preset system
  • User customisable controls

To find out more about the individual lessons contained in this collection please see their respective web pages.

Downloadable Content

Every lesson is provided as a download that you can keep on your computer indefinitely and watch at your leisure. The download package includes all of the files you’ll need to complete the projects shown in the lesson, except for the source code which you’ll write as you progress through the videos. This collection does not include the extra credit classes.


Recommended but not essential


11 reviews for Mastering Kontakt Scripting

  1. Florian Wunsch (verified owner)

    I have no coding or programming experience but these tutorials are awesome and help me to get through my scripting tasks! Really well explained and I am learning so much! 5/5!!!

  2. taha.alajami (verified owner)

    i had really difficult time learning kontakt scripting. couldn’t find easiest way to achieve what i am looking for and i couldn’t find that in the whole web,
    But found The one and only DAVID (( Xtant Audio tutorials))
    who could explain everything as easy as it get to reach a higher level of scripting
    within hours of learning those video and examples.
    Plus I never found a response of answering your email as fast as they do.
    Paying you guys is an investment and i am so glad i did that.
    Dear David i would love if you could do more videos

  3. Baris Topaloglu (verified owner)

    I was searching learning sources for Kontakt and KSP, couldn’t find anything clear and organized.
    But than i find David Healey’s tutorials. Starts from zero and goes up to real life projects. That’s what i needed.

  4. WALTER BELTRAMI (verified owner)

    Top notch! Very well organized and well explained. Effective, deep and fullfilling all expectations.
    Higly recommended! A+++

  5. SAMI (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for these tutorials !
    I’ve just finished the collection a few days ago and I have to say they are absolutely awesome ! Clear and really well explained. The time saved by watching them is, without any doubt, huge.
    These tutorials are invaluable.

  6. Daryl

    This is perhaps the best Kontakt scripting tutorial out there! The lessons are clear and concise and the added homework makes sure you get the material down pat. I would recommend this for anyone wanting to learn how to script your own Kontakt libraries!

  7. Cory (verified owner)

    Best resource on the net for Kontakt sampling.

  8. Hagai Davidoff

    David made KSP accessible and usable in a way no manual could ever do.
    Can’t thank him enough for opening this door for me. Thank you very much dear David 🙂

  9. Faheem

    I went through these a few months back I must say that these tutorials are top notch! David Healey fully explains everything you need to know about Kontakt, KSP and programming in general.

    The tutorials are well paced, and do not bog you down with too much information. You also learn as you go, while creating and writing your own scripts and instruments, so by the end of the videos you are pretty comfortable with the Kontakt Environment (which has quite a few quirks and workarounds).

    All in all, a very good buy, and I highly Recommend it!

  10. Rick Allen

    I’m a sound designer by trade, not a computer programmer, so scripting always seemed a bit scary to me. Well, not anymore. This course took a very complex subject matter and presented it in a low-key, easy-to-grasp manner.

    If knowledge is power – then for me, this is one of the most powerful tutorials out there. Clear and easy to follow steps for learning how to tame the wild Kontakt beast. If you’re even slightly curious what is possible “under the hood” of Kontakt with scripting, this course is a must. I’ve always resisted reading manuals and I can’t sit still for most tutorials – but I couldn’t get enough of these tutorial videos. In fact, I “binge” watched them all in one sitting.

  11. Mikel Hurwitz

    This is the most extensive, clear & well organized Kontakt scripting tutorial that exists. David can take you from having zero knowledge of scripting to building a full, customized, professional script in as little time as possible.
    The course has been indispensable for me and has unleashed musical possibilities that I couldn’t have before imagined!
    First rate work.

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