Kontakt Scripting Extra Credit: Putting it Together



If you’re a student of Kontakt scripting, you’ve built some sample libraries, and you want to see more advanced concepts used in a real world project then these tutorial videos are made for you.

This class will be of most benefit for intermediate to advanced Kontakt scripters who are looking to work for clients and want to find ways to code more efficiently and effectively.

Real Project, Real Specification

The series is presented by David Healey as he completes a real script for a real client. It builds upon the skills taught in his previous tutorial collections, putting together many aspects of Kontakt scripting to realise a complex sample library.

The project specification calls for a multi-channel microphone mixer, two types of true legato, multiple articulations, velocity controlled dynamics, mod-wheel controlled dynamics (with crossfades), round robin repetitions, and more! All of this is achieved in these videos in real time, complete with bug testing, delivery to the client, and adjustments based on the client’s feedback.

4 Hours of Kontakt Scripting Tutorials

In Putting it Together you get an almost over-the-shoulder view of a project from start to finish, with a detailed explanation of every step. The videos run to over four hours, during which time you’ll learn all kinds of tricks and techniques used by professionals that you can take advantage of to speed up your scripting workflow.

Downloadable Content

The download contains all the videos in this class, the un-compiled source code you’ll see created during the videos, the samples required to build the project, and some extras to help you on your scripting journey

Teaching Style

To see examples of the presentational style used in these videos please check out our free Kontakt scripting tutorial playlist here at YouTube.


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