Kontakt Scripting Extra Credit: Factory Scripts

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In this Kontakt scripting class you’ll learn everything you need to know to make use of Kontakt’s factory scripts in your own projects. This class is designed for Kontakt scripters who are familiar with the basics of KSP and want to expand their projects’ feature set without having to write extra code.

Factory Scripts

Kontakt comes with a whole bunch of premade scripts that you can and should make use of in your projects. These factory scripts offer all kinds of functionality such as arpeggiators, sequencers, delays, and harmonizers and by following the techniques in these videos you’ll be able use the factory scripts effectively, saving countless hours.

In this class you will learn how to get your scripts to interact with the factory scripts, giving you access to all this extra functionality without having to write the code.


The project you’ll build during the tutorials makes use of the arpeggiator, portamento, and humanizer factory scripts. The Kontakt scripting methods you’ll discover here can be applied to all of the factory scripts and any other third-party scripts that you want to integrate into your projects.

Many people make use of the factory scripts already by dropping them into their projects behind the scenes but few fully integrate them with their own front end GUI script. This class will show you how to do just that, step by step, with clear instructions. No-one ever needs to know that under-the-hood you’re harnessing the functionality of a factory script.

Downloadable Content

This class is delivered as a single download containing all 11 videos, the un-compiled source code created during the tutorials, the compiled source code used in the final project, and all of the samples used in the class. Even though you’ll receive the fully completed project it’s a really great idea to follow along and recreate the project yourself, this will really help you to internalise the techniques presented.

Teaching Style

To see examples of the presentational style used in these videos please check out our free Kontakt scripting tutorial playlist here at YouTube.

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    Best Kontakt scripting tutorials on the web! Really well explained and plenty of useful exercises, I couldn’t ask more. Higly recommended!

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