Tortured Keys


Tortured Keys – a production by DayTone Audio in collaboration with Xtant Audio – is a disturbing sample collection that shows what you can do when you take a piano to its limits.


Tortured Keys captures the guttural grumblings and piercing hisses of a vintage 1937 Gulbransen grand piano. With the help of metal files, mallets, and wrenches it was sampled with hard impacts and hair-raising stings in mind. The library was created specifically for use in the horror feature ALP and was used throughout the film.

Offering a variety of groans, moans, and shrieks let out by a mistreated piano Tortured Keys will fit any piece of music. Whether it’s standing out loud and proud with a hard hitting mallet sting, sitting underneath an orchestra, or playing the twisted drone of an epic trailer it is sure to enhance your work and give it a unique flavour.

Tortured Keys GUI

Tension on a Deadline

When you’re working to a deadline and need to quickly add tension to a scene, without slowing your workflow, Tortured Keys is the ideal choice and is especially effective in horror and thriller scores as well as ambient music.

The library is easy to use and incredibly effective. It will boost your horror writing with an eerily memorable and professional sound.


The instrument provides a choice of four key switched articulations recorded at two velocity controlled dynamic levels: stings, reversed stings, glissando down, and glissando up.

The reversed stings are great for building up a moment of tension to its climax. With the use of the mod-wheel controlled sample start position you can bring the ultimate hit in at just the right time.


The interface offers control over Kontakt’s compressor and reverb effects that allow you to customise the sound of the instrument just the way you want. Both of these effects can be bypassed to save on computer resources when you’re not using them.

User Guide

Click here to read the Tortured Keys user guide and see all the gory details.


Kontakt 4.2 or higher (full version of Kontakt required, will not work in the free Kontakt Player)
250MB Disk Space

Audio Demos

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  1. Sean McMahon

    “Tortured Keys is INDISPENSABLE for any horror/thriller film or video game score. Highly recommended!”
    -Sean McMahon, Orchestrator (The Uninvited, Drag Me to Hell, Ghost Rider)

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