Model Brass


Model Brass is a collection of highly playable solo brass instruments for Kontakt 5.5 and above.


Model Brass is a sampled orchestral brass library for Kontakt 4 and above. Our goal for this library was to make a small yet powerful brass collection that has a low system resource footprint and is highly playable. This library is perfect for those just starting out who want a light weight, low cost, brass collection as well as hobbyists and professionals, looking for a good selection of muted brass instruments or a small brass library for sketching ideas on the move.



Each Model Brass instrument has been carefully sampled, edited, and scripted to be highly playable and easy to use. The 2.6GB collection contains almost 10000 24bit 48kHz samples across 15 solo instrument sample sets.

Common Interface

brass-position-controlsAll of the instruments share a common interface so you only need to become familiar with one to know them all. The features of each instrument vary slightly as required to replicate them accurately but the interface stays the same. It allows you to easily customise key switches and controller assignments, set microphone levels or purge sample groups, and sit the instruments perfectly in templates and virtual environments.


Model Brass Microphone MixerThe library was recorded in a controlled studio setting with a variety of closely positioned microphones providing very dry samples with minimal room sound. Each instrument offers at least three microphones for you to choose from or you can use a combination of them together.

They can be individually panned and purged and there is also a special noise channel for setting the amount of instrument noise you want to hear, increasing this is perfect for a really intimate close sound while dialling it down is great for pushing the instrument back in the mix or placing it in a wetter space.

Made to Perform

Model Brass Continuous ControllersThe instruments are designed to be performed and avoid burdening you with dozens of key switches to move between articulations and instead favour a more natural approach to playing with a MIDI keyboard and a few continuous controllers (CCs).

There is a vast range of performance options that are perfect for most keyboard/piano players; if you want a short note then play a short note, if you want a crescendo you need only raise the dynamics controller, to add an accent you can play with increased velocity – have a look in the user guide for more detailed performance information.

Legato and Portamento

The library features fully playable glides/portamento and legato that accurately model the real world instruments. Through the use of a sustain pedal (or CC of your choice) it is possible to play legato transitions for repetitions of a single note.

The instruments calculate the perfect transition based on the way you are playing the instrument, taking into account numerous parameters to make sure the transition is smooth and doesn’t adversely affect the timing of your performance or force you to pace your playing to match the speed of interval samples and crossfades. Our legato scripting also offers a re-trigger mechanism to allow you to easily play realistic trills of any tempo, duration, and interval.

Muted Brass

Model Brass Key SwitchesEvery instrument in the library has one or more mutes available that can be activated conveniently via a customisable key switch. These mutes open the library up to a whole range of musical styles and genres beyond the traditional orchestral setting. The plunger and harmon mutes available for some of the instruments can also make use of a dynamic and playable wah-wah effect, easily controlled by a customisable CC.

Instrument List

The library includes the following solo instruments

  • Piccolo Trumpet
  • Cornet
  • 3x Trumpet
  • 4x French Horn
  • 2x Trombone
  • Bass Trombone
  • Euphonium
  • Tuba
  • Contrabass Tuba


  • Kontakt 5.5 or higher (full version of Kontakt required, does not run in the free Kontakt player)
  • 3GB Disk Space

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