Dicky Deegan’s Uilleann Pipes

The uilleann pipes are the national bagpipe of Ireland. The word uilleann comes from the Irish term píobaí uilleann which means “pipes of the elbow” and refers to the method of inflating the bag. This is done via a set of bellows that are strapped around the player’s waist and are operated by their arm.

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Paddy’s Percussion

Paddy’s percussion features over 1300 bodhrán and cajón samples including individual hits and looped rhythms. Both instruments were recorded with up to six dynamic layers, several round robin repetitions (10x for the Bodhrán, 6x for the Cajón), and multiple hand positions.

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The simsimiyya is a traditional plucked lyre played in Egypt, Jordan, and Yemen. It is mostly used by Bedouins as a social instrument. In Egypt it is traditionally used to accompany a dance called bambutiyya. Our Simsimiyya sample library includes two separate virtual instruments, one sampled from a small instrument (simsimiyya I) and one that’s a little larger (simsimiyya II).

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Model Brass

Model Brass is collection of sampled solo brass virtual instruments for Kontakt 5.5 and above. Each instrument has been carefully sampled, painstakingly edited, and cleverly scripted to be highly playable and easy to use.

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The Gayageum is a 12 string zither-like instrument from Korea that has traditionally been played since the 6th century. This sample library has been beautifully produced by Vin Sound in South Korea. The library contains three patches: Solo (single instrument sample set), Ensemble (two layered sample set), and Reverse (single instrument sample set played backwards).

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The CZ-Alpha library contains 100 original patches in 4 Kontakt instruments. Each patch was created on a classic Casio CZ-101 synthesizer.

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Enigma I & II

Enigma I & II are rhythmic, percussive instruments containing thousands of samples from everyday (and some not so everyday) objects. There are lots of percussion sample libraries available but we wanted to create something different, something unique, and something that no other library currently offers. So we created Enigma.

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Thumb Piano

The Thumb Piano is a fun little traditional instrument that’s easy to play and can quickly set the mood in an ethnic or world piece of music. In this library we captured the raw sound of a battered and bruised seven tine instrument.

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