Indie Guitar Player

Indie Guitar Player is a modern finger-style electric guitar sample library with a selection of articulations recorded at five velocity levels. The instrument provides a clean, unique, and organic sound applicable across many genres including indie, film, and rock.

Main Interface

Indie Guitar Sample Library Interface


The Indie Guitar Player interface is clean, sleek, and simple to use. You’ll be up and running with it in no time.


Indie Guitar Player Distortion Controls

Indie Guitar Player uses Kontakt’s built in Skreamer effect to provide you with an easy to use controllable distortion that can be applied to the instrument.

  • Power button: The button to the right of the two knobs enables/disables the effect.
  • Drive: Sets the “crunch factor” with higher values increasing the amount of distortion.
  • Tone: Controls the brightness of the sound, higher values are good for screaming leads while lower values are more suited to a mellower, darker sound.


Indie Guitar Player Reverb Controls

The reverb in Indie Guitar Player provides you with a selection of controls which adjust the parameters of Kontakt’s convolution reverb effect.

  • Power button: The button to the right of the knobs enables/disables the effect.
  • Room size: Changes the length of the loaded impulse response sample in the range of 50% to 150%, the default is 100%.
  • Mix: Controls the reverb’s output gain (the amount of reverb).
  • Pre-delay: Determines the reverberance of the virtual space, higher values simulate larger rooms.

Articulations and Key Switches

Indie Guitar Player Keyswitches

This is a list of the available articulations, the small coda like symbol indicates which articulation is currently active. Each articulation’s name is preceded by a note name, playing this note will activate the articulation. All of the sustain samples in the instrument have been doubled with another sample of the same note to create a fuller sound.

With the exception of the harmonics, each articulation contains the same set of sustain samples with a separate articulation available by playing at a higher velocity. For example when the SUSTAIN/SLIDES articulation is active playing at a velocity below 100 will trigger the normal picked sustain samples while playing at a velocity above 100 will trigger a slide sample. All of these articulation samples end on the note that was played.

  • Slides: Up to the played note from one whole-tone below.
  • Hammer-ons: Up to the played note from one whole-tone below.
  • Pull-offs: Down to the played note from one whole-tone above.

Keyboard Layout

Indie Guitar Player Keyboard Layout

The keyboard layout for Indie Guitar Player is very simple. The red keys are key switches which enable the various articulations. The blue keys show the playable range of the instrument, these will change depending on the articulation you have selected.


When using one of the sustain articulations the mod-wheel (CC1) will act as a playable wah-wah controller. Just wobble the mod-wheel back and forth while holding a note to hear its effect.


Produced by: DayTone Audio
Scripting: David Healey